Boglen Terriers
Boglen Terrier:  (1/2 Beagle & 1/2 Boston Terrier)
Boglen Terriers love people especially kids. They also get along great with other dogs. They are very food motivated
and strong chewers. They make good watch dogs. The also have very quick tongues and love to lick. They have a lot
of personality and love to play and snuggle. Boglen Terriers are extremely loyal dogs. They are confident, risk-taking
dogs and are never shy nor easily frightened or intimidated. Boglen Terriers have a great love for their family and make
wonderful companion dogs. They basically love to be with you, no matter what you are doing. They have an extremely
high energy level. They are very smart dogs and can get bored easily. Boglen Terriers definately require a lot of
attention especially in the puppy phase.
D.O.B.- Oct. 31, 2013
Available Jan. 3, 2014
$700.00   *Shipping Included*
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