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Feed Back
I just wanted to check in and let you know how Roxy is doing.  She is a great dog with a ton
of personality.  She is very loving and gets along great with our two kittens.  My two older
dogs are really starting to enjoy her more and more after getting use to the idea of a puppy

She is a great looking dog.  She is so much cuter than either of her parents breeds.  Of
course that is my personal opinion but also many people have complemented her looks.

My three year old is proud of "his" dog.  And she is proud of "her" boy.

Thank you so much for a great addition to our family.  I may have a referral or two someday.

Here is another picture of Maya.  She is 12 pounds and growing.  She is cute but a
handful.  She gets along great with our other dog.  A lot of people ask me where I
got Maya from and I have told them about how great our experience was with you
and how easy the whole process was.  Her surgery wound healed really well and she
has one more round of puppy vaccine left.  I would buy another puppy from you any
day.  Please use this testimonial to increase your business and puggles are a great
breed to train and have as pets.

Jaye Espinosa

He is doing amazing. He is the most cutest and lovable dog. He
already knows how to go to the bathroom outside and we have taken him for
many walks and even a visit to our dog park. He is the new baby on our
block and already very popular. Thank you again for Charlie. We will love
him so muuuuuuchhhh.


On September 6, 2009. Miley (f/k/a Tonya) will be 1 year old.  We bought her for our grandson
for Christmas.  Attached is her graduation picture from obedience school.  She is absolutely
beautiful, smart, lovable, and just the cutest dog ever.  She has a knack for making you laugh -
especially when she looks at you with those beagle eyes after she's been caught in the act.  
We've been asked over and over again where we got her - and we've highly recommended
they check your web site.  I want to thank you for making Alex (also in the picture) a very happy
young boy, and giving us our Miley.

Diane Ehrman

I just took a look at your new Boglen terrier puppies - how adorable!

I just wanted to update you on Toby.  He is doing really well!  A couple of weeks ago I realized
he has stopped nipping the children almost completely, he only mouths our hands occasionally
and he is actually starting to respond to the "leave it" command.   Yeah!!!!  He has lost a lot of
his baby teeth (maybe that has helped).  I did look into some training lessons and we still plan
to do them in the future.

People continue to stop me on the street and comment how beautiful he is.  He really is a
handsome dog!  We are pleased!!

I will try to e-mail a picture of him soon so you can see how he's grown!

Thanks again!  Gayle Huber

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how our puppy is that we bought from you in

We changed Janey's name to Zoey (it was my 9 year old son's suggestion).  Zoey settled in
immediately.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  She came to us healthy ( the vet was
surprised that she was so up to date on her vaccines).  Zoey was about 5 pounds when we got
her, as of yesterday, she is now 11.7 pounds!

Zoey is well-mannered (other than a little puppy nipping) and is quiet (we were worried that she
would be a howler).  She loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and take car rides.  
She is such a friendly dog -- she loves people and especially kids!  My children have taught
her a few tricks already.  She loves to show off -- and of course the treats don't hurt either.

Zoey was extremely easy to train, too.  We crate her at night and when we leave the house. I
think that in a few months the crate might not be necessary.  She loves to sleep on my
daughter's bean bag during the day -- she loves her comfort!!

We have gotten so many compliments about Zoey.  Very few people have heard of the breed,
but they all think that the beagle and boston terrier combination is perfect.  I agree.  She is the
most adorable dog I have ever seen -- and I'm not just saying that because she is mine.

I am attaching a few pictures that I took earlier today.  As you can see, she is a poser, too.

Thank you so much for selling us such an incredible dog.  I would highly recommend any one
of your puppies.  Who knows, maybe someday, Zoey will need a little brother or sister to keep
her company!


Just wanted to let you know how Thad (now Boone) is doing!  He is a real sweety with all of us,
and tolerates a huge amount of holding, carrying, petting, etc.  He only seems to bark/howl at
his own reflection and the lawn mower, which he doesn't like too much, and he absolutely loves
our other dog Cleo.  If you ever need to use us as a reference, please feel free, and we hope
you and your family are well.


Traci Hodes

We got Manny (F/K/A Thomas) just over a year ago and we just adore him.  He was just as you
described in our e-mails and phone conversations.  He is spunky and energetic.  It was soooo
easy to house break him. We have a bell hanging from our back door and he rings it to go out.
 That took all of 2 days to teach him.  The downside of him being so smart is that he gets
bored easily.  He is a perfect match for my 3 year old son.  My son still says every day, "I love
this dog.  He's so cute."  They are best friends.  Thank you so much for being so upfront and
helpful with making our choice.  I would recommend you to anyone!!!

The Monahan Family

Hi. I thought I would give you an update an Alexis. We are calling her Lexi, sometimes naughty
puppy. We love her to death. She has adjusted very well. She doesn't understand why the cats
won't play with her. Lexi has also turned into a big baby. When I leave, she will sit by the door
and cry for about 15 min. She will not have anything to do with the kids when I am gone until
she is done crying. She is getting better about house training. She knows now that when she
goes outside she will get a treat. Sometimes she will run on the grass and then run back to you
to get a treat when she has not done her job.

I got her hair cut again to even out the cut. She looks nice and I think it will help with the hot

Thanks again for Lexi. She has brought great joy to our family.