Yorkie-Poos:  (1/2 Yorkshire Terrier & 1/2 Miniature Poodle)
Yorkie-Poos are personable, playful, bright and spunky. They enjoy romping around with other pets, cats or dogs. Much
like their Yorkshire terrier heritage, they are also brave and very loyal. Like their Poodle heritage, they are quite sharp
and quick learners. Yorkie-Poos are gentle natured and not very mischievous. Housebreaking is not as much of a
challenge as it can be with a pure breed Yorkshire terrier. Smart and capable, they are always eager to learn new tricks.
They make great family pets and do okay with children. They thrive well indoors and require only moderate exercise.
They are very active yet and do enjoy the occasional walks and trips to the dog park. They shed very little, making them
a great hypoallergenic breed.