Our juvenile puppies that are for sale are at least 6 months old. These puppies are perfectly healthy, but were just
unlucky finding a loving home early in their life. They will remain covered under our health guarantee until their first
birthday. These puppies are discounted in price for no other reason than to make sure they find a family.  It is our
number one priority to make sure our puppies are healthy. Any one of these puppies would make a perfect companion.
However, due to their age, may need extra attention and training to smoothly adjust to other pets, children, or even
their new home. We recommend that the puppy be supervised at all times around small children and other pets for the
first few weeks until they feel comfortable in their new environment. For an additional fee we will spay or neuter our
juvenile puppies. We do not spay or neuter any puppy under 6 months of age due to major health risks.